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Creating and maintaining a fulfilling and vibrant relationship can be difficult these days, especially if you want it to last. Relationships are my speciality. I've been in this profession for over 35 years. I've learned a lot in that time, from post-qualification training and especially from my experience working with individuals and couples. I still enjoy my work and I'm still learning.

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Further Information

In my work with couples, I focus on helping them to improve communication and understanding. Once you feel listened to and understood, negotiating the disagreements and 'rough patches', which most relationships go through, but can seem unresolvable when you're in the middle of them, becomes much easier.

With individuals, I'm still working with relationships, but the most important one is with yourself. It's a bit of a cliché, but if you can't love yourself or think of yourself as loveable, then it's very difficult to have a loving relationship with someone else without becoming dependent on them to reinforce your positive self-image. This will create lots of pressure both on you and on your partner, which is never good for relationships.

Qualifications, e.g. Diploma, MA
MSc Health Psychology, Diploma in Psychotherapy, Diploma in Couple Counselling, Diploma in Applied Behavioural Sciences, Qualified Sexual Grounding Therapist
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07949 153431
Individuals £80 per session, Couples £100, Counselling students £50 Supervision £60 Concessions available. Please ask
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