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Toft Hill
DL14 0JD
Bishop Auckland
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Within my practice all sessions are client-led using an integrative approach. This means that the client is always in control of sessions, my clients decide on how and what we focus on in each session. By working together we can discover coping strategies and tools which best suit my clients needs. We are all unique which means our therapy needs to be too.
I am Northeast Ambassador for Creative Counsellors©️ and can incorporate creative interventions into sessions as sometimes it is easier to express our thoughts without the use of words.
I am also qualified in Clinical Supervision and offer 1-1 and group sessions.
I am creator of WorryBuddies®️ and was invited to contribute to Tanja Sharpe’s book Creative Counselling providing information on the origins of my WorryBuddies and how they are used within sessions.
Sessions can be either Face to Face or remotely using either VideoChat or Telephone
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When we go through life, our opinions alter and so do our thoughts on past and present experiences. Things we have been through previously can suddenly hit us like a ton of bricks and we don't know where the thoughts came from. We can be watching tv, reading a book and all of a sudden, Anxiety we never had before rears its ugly head affecting us in ways we never thought of, disturbing our daily lives whether gradually or suddenly. We could be sitting in a cafe with friends, completing tasks at school/work and all of a sudden a huge wave of grief takes over us. I am here to help you explore these feelings learning ways to cope.

Qualifications, e.g. Diploma, MA
BA Counselling
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07901 332448
£50 per Counselling hour, contact me for supervision and group work prices
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