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200 Filey Rd
North Yorkshire
North Yorkshire
Online Counselling
Online sessions available
Individuals, Adults & Children, Groups, Families and Young People.
Therapy is confidential, empathic, professional, and is especially friendly. This therapy can benefit Adults & Children who are experiencing a range of issues, and general debilitating problems, which can affect everyday living.

Whether its depression & anxiety, relationship difficulties, divorce, loss/bereavement, bullying, work issues, PTSD, OCD, phobias, etc.

I can help you work through these difficulties, manage them and improve your quality of life.

Jane is Accredited by BACP and Senior Accredited by NCS and runs Counselling by Jane & Animal Assisted Therapy Services winner of the 'Best Private Practice 2020, National Counsellors' Day Awards. Jane is also a qualified Supervisor.

Supervision is available for therapists and students
Further Information

Counselling is online or face to face, for
ages 11 and up, Teens, adults.
It’s a Talking therapy.
You can choose To have a Therapy pet in your session.
Counselling helps you deal with your problems and helps you move forward with your life.

It can:
Reduce anxiety
Build your self-esteem
Improve mood
Confidential and non-judgemental approach.
Safe environment
Empowers you to take control
Reduces stress
Helps you come to terms with bad things which have happened in your life.
Discover self-compassion
Manage trauma
Deal with intrusive thoughts and negative thinking cycles.
Relationship problems
Improve sleep problems
Promotes change and helps with transition.
Managing health conditions and disability.
Learn coping skills
Regulate emotions
Learn to worry less
Help to manage social situations
Manage anger
Support for victims of abuse
Panic attacks and distress

Single Session Therapy also available.

Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) also available
(for ages 11 upwards, Teens, and adults).
AAT makes it easier to talk and open up
Reduce and relieve anxiety.
Help with relaxation and Mindfulness
Model healthy relationships
Can lower blood pressure
Lower stress levels
Improve your mood & help with Depression.
Help manage Autism & cope through meltdowns.
Therapy with cats or small dogs
Animals are non-judgemental
Stroking animals’ releases feel good hormones for you and the pet
Elevates levels of serotonin, to help with depression.
Provides sensory stress relief
Can make you feel safe
Gives fulfilment
Helps you socialise
Helps you feel love
Can help with panic attacks
Improves well-being
Available for Counsellors and trainees.
Flexible times and duration.

Please get in touch to discuss prices

Online using Zoom, or face to face sessions
Integrative/Person-Centred Approach (not pure).

Rewind Trauma Therapy
(for ages 6 years upwards, Teens and adults)
Brief therapy 1-4 sessions only
Comfortable and effective treatment for PTSD symptoms & Phobias
Can reduce or even remove traumatic or phobic symptoms quickly.
Uses guided imagery & relaxation to reduce negative emotional & psychological symptoms.
Pemanently stopping involuntary recall.
Success rate 90%
A technique if you have suffered or witnessed a trauma, or multiple traumas, can help reduce or abolish panic attacks.

Police checked to Enhanced level and insured.

Accredited, Registered and bound by the BACP Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling & Psychotherapy, & a senior Accredited Registrant of the National Counselling Society.

Available for Counsellors and trainees
Flexible times and duration
Please get in touch to discuss prices
Online using Zoom, or face to face sessions
Integrative/Person-Centred Approach (not pure)
I am based in a nice quiet area of the Southside of Scarborough just past the University.
I offer a private quiet space allowing you to talk freely, and openly, at your own speed. An Integrative based Counselling Service, which is mainly Humanistic with some elements of other Counselling models like CBT, for example.

Therapy Pets are also available to enhance your therapeutic experience (for details see the about me section or click on the Creature Comforts tab in the above menu)
Police checked and Insured

Supervision available

Qualifications, e.g. Diploma, MA
Accredited, BA Counselling Studies, Diploma AAT, Supervision Certificate, Rewind Trauma Therapy Trained
Phone Number
Prices to be discussed
  • Counselling by Jane & Animal Assisted Therapy Services
  • Counselling by Jane & Animal Assisted Therapy Services

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