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42A Holton Road, Barry
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Online Counselling
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I am very passionate and committed to the work I do.

When a client feels they can open up to me and talk about matters that they have held on to or felt that others wouldn't understand, I see it as a privilege and not something I take lightly.

I know from my own experience how reaching out for help can be daunting, so my aim is to make that process as seamless for you as possible
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I have very flexible working hours so can fit with your schedule and if you live outside the UK, within your time zone.

I offer sessions in person in BCS Mental Health Counselling practice, online via Telehealth, Doxy.me, and Whats App, and over the telephone. I also offer text sessions via text message or WhatsApp. I can also do home visits to fit in with individual circumstances

With nearly two decades of working in therapies, I have learned how to be there for my clients, how to work with the person in front of me, and what it is they need from me.

As your therapist, I endeavor to help you feel comfortable and safe in a confidential space that suits your needs. My hope for you after a session, is that you feel heard and that the emotional turmoil you are feeling is lessened. My clients often tell me that after a session, they feel a weight has been lifted, and having the space to let it out means so much to them.

I often get asked how I work, and what methods I use. I like to collaborate with you, the client, and what you need, what you prefer and take into account your situation, so each session is tailored to you and how you prefer to engage. We work at your pace so you get the best outcome from your therapy.

My modalities (ways of working) are listed below.

Having dealt with my emotional turmoil with a professional counsellor, I can understand the benefit of it and also any feelings of hesitancy you may be experiencing and can empathise with you on those subject matters that have been too painful to speak about with a friend or family member.

I regularly attend supervision which ensures I continue to work ethically and appropriately I am continuously updating my skills and knowledge through continued professional development, reading, and keeping up to date with the most recent advances in psychotherapy, ensuring you are in safe and capable hands at all times.

I have spent a year working with an organisation called Ratcliffe and Brown where I worked with clients suffering from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, trauma, family issues, and low self-confidence.


Domestic Violence


Couples Counselling

Menopause Awareness

Trauma and Self-identity.

I am also working towards a degree in Psychology with Counselling


Qualifications, e.g. Diploma, MA
Chrysalis Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling
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£40 Individual £60 Couples

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