Teresa Man
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591 Wilbraham Road | Chorlton | Manchester | M21 9AF
M32 9RJ
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I am a registered Person-Centered and Integrative Counsellor. I have worked with Individuals, couples and families for over 12 years. I am always excited to see my clients being fully transformed within two months and they often see my therapy for them as a life changing experience. My recent practice has a trauma informed element when needed. I work with Guided Imagery to help my clients to gain insights of why they may be triggered in the now which might limit them. I also help my clients to access their inner child to see how learned behaviors or negative thoughts that may be affecting them.
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My experience includes working and healing with those who are depressed or have anxiety issues that are a result of relationship difficulties, work related stress, bereavement, sexual abuse, traumas, post-traumatic stress, cancer and other health related issues.
We all struggle with life at some point. It takes courage to make changes in life and it is a big step for you to seek help! I am here to support and empower you, and will tailor a treatment plan that will meet your needs and concerns.

Qualifications, e.g. Diploma, MA
Certificate from University of Minesota Guided Imagery / 2021 Diploma from Victor Frankl Institute of Ireland Clinical Logotherapy / 2021 Master in Guidance and Counselling, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Graduated 2010
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£50 to £70

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