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Men have been raised to be independent, silent and strong – big boys don’t cry, do they? But where do we go when things get too much at home or work – down the pub, to our local dealer, to the bookies, to our man cave, or do we just let anger out on those we love?

I use a ‘man-friendly’ practical approach to counselling men, backed up by having undertaken specialist training to provide online counselling. We talk together to understand what is happening and identify the optimum practical actions to help you move on.

We don’t get bogged down by the past. We focus on moving forward to find the solution that fits and works for you.

I see you online, so you can talk to me wherever you choose to – you don’t have to be seen walking to my office!

II offer a free 30mins conversation to help you explain what is going on and for you to experience my approach to counselling.
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Offering online counselling for men and women is more important now than ever. Most of us don’t need to resolve every issue we ever faced in the past; we need to be able to deal with those problems that stop us from living fully in the present. We need to get mentally fit and healthy.
Being mentally fit is about looking forward confidently, seeing where we want to be and going for it. It’s about strengthening your skills and figuring out what new ones you need, challenging those thoughts and behaviours that were useful in the past but which now hold you back.
We might stumble over pebbles, stones, or even boulders from the past and present, blocking our way; we will decide whether to go around them, move them or blow them up!

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