Tyler Hatwell
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Telegraph Hill
SE14 5TY
London, Oxfordshire
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I work with adults and adolescents who are, for a variety of reasons, dealing with discomfort throughout their daily lives. This can be internal (who am I? Am I enough? What am I here for?), external or, more often, a messy combination of the above. I work with people like you who are looking for a space to look at what works and doesn't in their lives, finding patterns and using insight to guide real, meaningful change. You might be coming to therapy to cope better, to examine recent or historical trauma or to simply gain insight. It is what we make it.

Sessions with me involve a lot of exploration of who you are and what is important to you. Our relationship will be a key part of this. My perspective as a young male therapist may differ to experiences of therapy you have had before or to what you may have been expecting, and this could bring up new insights and avenues to explore. Therapy works best when we use our relationship, what goes on between us, as a way of gaining more understanding of you and what works for you.

In terms of specialisms of client group, I have done a lot of work the LGBT+ clients as well as Gypsies & Travellers. I have worked a lot with adolescents and with people who have experienced homelessness.

I am sex worker, kink and broadly sex positive in my practice.

My theoretical approach is a mixture of Existential and Relational approaches to therapy, although solution-focused elements can be brought in if it seems appropriate.

It can be hard to know where to turn when we're struggling. I offer an inviting space that is warm yet challenging to help you to examine what's important and make decisions about what the future should be. The world we live in can throw up a lot of questions about identity, purpose and meaning. Together we can work out what you need, and help you get it.
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I work from a practice in Telegraph Hill in London and also work online. My room is wheelchair accessible and the building has an accessible toilet.

I provide a welcoming space for creative exploration of who you are, what is going on for you and what changes we want to make.

You decide the content that you bring and what we work with. They're your sessions.

Whilst a lot of what we do may look like traditional "talking therapy" there is space for art, drama, play and other ways of getting to what matters to you and who you are.

It's important to me that therapy fits the person. You may think therapy isn't a space for you, that your background or how you live might mean your therapist couldn't possibly understand you. I value a collaborative approach where we talk regularly about what's going on in the room, about us and our differences, and about whether we're going where you want us to go. It's a collaboration.

An initial session with me feels different to subsequent ones because it features a lot more of me talking at the beginning than it will later on; I outline the way I work and make sure we agree. After this, I try not to use formats and formulas and I don't necessarily ask for an exhaustive history. I meet you as you are today and we look at what problems you're coming with in the here and now. This can be historical content, of course, but it is up to you what you bring.

This first session will also be influenced by how long you want to work together: short term work (minimum 12 sessions) needs to be planned for differently to longer term or open-ended work. We can discuss this beforehand over the phone or through emails.

Broadly, though, it is about us both working out where you are now, what you need and whether this is a space you can get that.

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