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I'm a therapist with 15 years experience, offering private appointments for therapy and supervision online or based in Kingswood, in a quiet location with allocated private parking and toilet facilities. Click my profile to learn more ...
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Hello, I'm Lisa and I have worked as therapist since 2007 and as a clinical supervisor since 2015. In that time I have gained significant experience working with people, perhaps just like you, who are looking for therapeutic support personally or professionally for a variety of reasons.

If you are considering therapy, and wondering what might be the right option for you from the many available privately, we can arrange a no obligation 60 minute initial consultation session.
A conversation to look at your options together, I can answer any of your questions and you could then make a fully informed decision.

You are under no obligation to book a further session with me following this first conversation. I will offer you other suggestions if it becomes clear you could be best helped by a professional with different specialisms, when I know you a little better, or you may naturally wish to take some time to think and reflect about our conversation.

It is important to me you are able to work with someone who is appropriately trained and experienced to meet your needs, and that you feel confident and informed in your decision making, especially when paying privately.

I have continued to access further training throughout my career and have developed particular specialisms in Brain Injury, and in Trauma, (especially in PTSD and cPTSD), as well as significant experience working with anxiety, stress, depression and many other complex issues.

I understand it may feel difficult to explore your feelings and experiences with a stranger. This is not unusual, some describe it as difficult to make the first contact. However something I hear most often is that after our first meeting there is relief to discover I could help you make sense of your struggles or experiences and it's something they wish they had done earlier.
Meeting for the first time for a conversation without committing to anything further can be a helpful first step to finding a way forward without pressure.

I assure you I'll walk your path with you professionally and ethically, with great care, compassion, understanding, and importantly, at your pace. This will be your own safe space to be heard and valued.

I will tailor your therapy to you, not give you a standard 'one size fits all' option. You and your experiences are unique. I value and respect this completely so your suggested therapy will be unique to you, and any therapeutic approach or process will have a clear rationale.

I will offer you a supportive, compassionate, non-judgemental, confidential environment to explore your feelings. I will endeavour to make sure you feel truly heard and emotionally safe to do so. Together, we will look at the most helpful and supportive way for you to manage or move forward.
I am warm in nature, understanding, genuine and honest, and I have a sense of humour. I will value each part of you, however hurt, defensive, worried, or scared you may feel.

My experience is that relationship and trust between a client and their therapist is essential, and along with the skills of the therapist, most important in terms of growth and progress. Together we will build this trust.

My purpose is to listen to you and create the safe space for your process, growth or change, and I will always endeavour to do so.

Qualifications, e.g. Diploma, MA
Diploma In Counselling Practice (Level 4) Foundation Degree In Counselling Practice (level 5) BA (Hons) Counselling Practice (Level 6). Certificate in Supervision. Post Graduate Diploma in Traumatology (Assessment and treatment of PTSD/cPTSD) Level 7
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£55-£150 (Depending on session length, nature and specialism)
  • Lisa Harris
  • Lisa Harris

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