Heidi Francis (Ad Prof Dip PC, MNCS Accred)
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Are you feeling that you’re not living life to the full?
Does your head feel full of worries and constant thoughts that lead to you to not feeling good enough?
Do find you lack confidence in yourself and feel worthless?
Are you fed up with trying to please other people rather than yourself?
Are you feeling that you’ll never find a successful relationship.
Do you find yourself in repeating patterns of behaviour that stop you moving forward and having the life you want.?
Things you just can’t seem to change on your own? Does this leave you feel isolated and alone?
All these struggles can result in a life where anxiety and depression can take over and day to day life can feel too hard. Often resulting in coping mechanisms that just make things harder, or you might find you’re struggling to manage each day.
If you identify with any of these situations, then therapy can be something that can really help.
This is where I can help, in therapy I can work with you to find ways to overcome the issues that prevent you from living a life, the life you want and deserve. Talking therapy allows you to work through things at a comfortable pace and learn new skills to manage and overcome problems.
Clients tell me that having therapy has helped them to make so many positive changes in their lives, from improving their relationships with themselves and others, overcoming destructive behaviours, such as using drugs and alcohol to numb painful feelings and discovering a newfound confidence to really live life the way they want.
About Me
So far in my journey as a therapist I have amassed over 6 thousand hours of working with clients both at the Mental health charity Mind, a private drug and alcohol rehab and my own busy private practice, this means I have a wealth of experience and knowledge in working with both individuals and couples, helping them to overcome many different issues and discovering a new path forward. My own life experiences from being a military child who went to boarding school, a mother, experiencing difficult relationships, having many different jobs until I found my passion of being a therapist, supporting a family member with addiction and mental health struggles, also allows me to bring my own life experiences and knowledge.
Are you looking for help with your relationship? Are you finding that you’re not feeling heard or understood by your partner?
I work with couples and people who are looking for help with their relationships. Helping people to communicate their needs and desires in an effective way to enable them to have the relationship that they truly want.
When we fail to communicate effectively in our relationships it results in ruptures, conflict, and unhappiness.
Relationships can be affected by so many factors, infidelities, addiction, bereavement, children, work stresses and many more daily events that cause friction between two people.
Bringing these issues to therapy allows couples to navigate their problems and learn new ways to resolve the conflict, reignite intimacy and become close again.
Further Information

What to expect.
Once you have made contact with me either through a text, a WhatsApp and email or a call, I can offer you a free 15-minute call, during this call you might have questions you’d like to ask me or want to share a brief overview of what’s troubling you or just want to get a feel for if I might be the right therapist for you. Not everybody wants this call and its always up to you, if you’d prefer to, we can just go ahead and book in your first session.
If you do decide that you’d like to book a session, then I will send you an email to confirm the appointment and some information about online therapy.

The First Session.
The first thing I want every client to know is that therapy is the one place where it’s impossible to get it wrong, however you feel then that’s right because those are your feelings.
Secondly, nothing is too small or too big to bring to therapy and nothing is off limits, and all your emotions are welcome.
Our first session will be about you, having the space to share what’s going on for you and for us to begin to get to know each other better, you may have many questions, or you may just want to talk about your feelings and experiences that have brought you to therapy.
As our sessions progress and we establish what your goals might be and look at the things you might want to work on, we will regularly review progress. Therapy is not always easy and there can be hard work involved in moving forward but I am there to support you as you tackle the challenges therapy can bring.
I’m not the sort of therapist that just sits and nods, and I expect full input from clients, I see our work as a team effort and will always encourage you to achieve your goals.
I am a HAES (Health at every size) aligned therapist and help clients who have an unhealthy relationship with their body and food. The focus is to step away from the diet culture/ diet cycling and destructive behaviours that can keep you trapped in a constant cycle of negativity and despair. Working towards freedom from these unhelpful thinking patterns and looking at the underlying psychological reasons that have led to these behaviours. If you’ve had enough of feeling stuck in this place, it might be time to release yourself.
Sessions are online using a video platform.

Qualifications, e.g. Diploma, MA
Advanced Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling. Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills. L2 Diploma in Counselling Skills Certificate in Understanding Drugs and Addiction, Kings College London. Diploma in Mindfulness. Accredited member of The National Counselling Society. Qualified practitioner In The REWIND Technique with The International Association For Rewind Trauma Therapy. CPD.
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Session Fees range from £50-£60 for 50 minute sessions for individuals. £70-£80 for 60 minutes sessions for couples sessions.

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