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Claire Stocker MNCS Accred
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Cheshire, Flintshire
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Hello, welcome to my profile.

Hopefully I can explain a little bit about what I offer and how I can help you.

Whether you need support with a specific issue such as grief, relationships, workplace issues, or a mental health issue such as anxiety/depression, I provide you with the non-judgmental space to reflect on what is going on for you right now and explore new perspectives and ways of coping.

I offer online counselling across the UK.
Online Grief Support Services, Santou Carter
Address: IG3 8SG
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Grief Support Services – offering hope and enabling post-traumatic growth from grief

Hello and thanks for taking the time to look through my profile.

As a certified provider of Compassionate Bereavement Care, my specialism is in traumatic loss and grief, for example – perinatal, cancer, suicide, homicide/murder.

As a trained and registered online counsellor/therapist with ACTO, I work exclusively online with people of all ages and ethnic cultures from across the UK, Europe and Asia.

My service supports individual, families and groups with living losses, life-limiting illnesses, end-of-life and bereavement issues – especially for those where the grief has rendered them stuck to the point where they are not functioning as well as they would like at home, work, place of study or elsewhere.

Are you:

* wrestling with your identity or fears after a life-limiting diagnosis?
* experiencing a spiritual crisis?
* needing help with conversations in your family that may be causing distress?
* overwhelmed with multiple deaths within a year (or in close succession within a short period of time)?
* struggling to come to terms with a loss or death, including making decisions such as when to part with a loved one’s belongings after a death? 

I can journey with you in your grief to offer you a pathway of hope and healing to restore equilibrium again.

I am an experienced spiritually-based family & individual counsellor/therapist and spiritual care provider as well as a life coach, group facilitator and death educator/trainer. I use a holistic, intercultural and systemic approach to my work.

You can find out more about my values, experience and the way I work at
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Green Space Therapy and Counselling
Address: Hinckley
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Do you experience anxiety and want to learn coping strategies? Perhaps you’re questioning a relationship? Have you experienced a significant loss that is impacting you? Perhaps you’re experiencing grief from a bereavement? Hi, I’m Alison, and I’m here to support you to overcome life’s challenges in a safe, non-judgmental and accepting space. Life can be full of change and uncertainty which can at times, leave us feeling lost, overwhelmed or alone. Making sense of what is happening for you or finding a way forward can feel out of reach and scary but together, we will work at your pace to explore this and navigate the path ahead.
Laura Dee-Patachi
Address: Oxford therapy centre
0x4 1je
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Hello and welcome, People come to counselling for many different reasons and I believe that by talking to someone who will listen and respond to you as an individual, without discrimination or judgement, you can begin to feel less alone with your problems and work towards tackling the issues that are making you unhappy. I can share with you that I am dedicated to your wellbeing and in identifying the path to get you to your best you and creating the best life!

Sometimes as counsellors, we talk our own language, filled with counselling jargon, technical terms and abbreviations. I try to avoid this as I feel it creates confusion and misunderstanding. I prefer to be real, open, honest, genuine and understandable when I am with my clients.

I aim to offer to the time and a safe space to be able to concentrate on you. Every person who comes to me is completely unique, as it their story and perspective. The most significant part of the therapeutic process is developing the relationship between the client and counsellor and working together you can identify ways to improve your well-being. I can provide you with individually tailored tools and technique’s to work through you difficulties as we go along. My biggest belief is that people have an innate tenancy to be able to self actualize and reach their full potential themselves but with support and guidance, this will go on to facilitate personal growth and positive change.
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Lisa Kavanagh Counselling
Address: PR5
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Taking the first step towards accessing counselling can be a difficult one, with so many questions and thoughts going through your mind. Great news you have taken the first step by making the decision to access counselling. The most important thing to remember is you are your own expert and my role as a counsellor is to provide a non-judgemental space where we can work together as you begin exploring your wants and needs
I use integrative approach to counselling as this works with my belief of ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ and enables me to provide you with a service that meets your needs as an individual.
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Relaxed room
Address: St James House
St James Street

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am a PCT counsellor from Glagsow however, my private practice is based in Renfrewshire. I have been in pp for 6yrs now and mainly work within the neurodiverse community. I am dyslexic myself and do bring way of working and processing into the therapy session when it is a apporiate and feels right. I enjoy and love my work and feel that I learn so much from my clients and feel priviliged to work alongside them.
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07475 786208
Maggie Costella
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Just saying hello and introducing myself. I work as an integrative counsellor, with a special interest in working with clients who have experienced Trauma in their lives.

I have over 20 years experience in this field and have dedicated my CPD and Training to help me understand and work in this area of counselling.

I hold Accredited Membership with the National Counselling Society MNCS (accred.)

I understand that seeking professional help and sharing at this level is a powerful and courageous step to take. I will be mindful of where you are at on your journey and we will work at your pace.

Counselling is a safe, non judgemental place, to come and start and/or continue to explore what is currently troubling you.

To enable the counselling process, I will draw from all of my training, knowledge and experience to find a way to work with you that’s a best fit. We will work together (relationally) with what you bring.

I believe the relationship you build with me is as important as the theory that underpins the work.

I have trained in several different therapeutic approaches. The main ones are: Psychodynamic, Egan, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy & the Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM) and Internal Family Systems and I like to work creatively.

Internal Family Systems IFS.

IFS is one of the fastest growing psychotherapy models in the world today. I am finding this model a very useful addition to my other training, it’s a ‘parts’ psychotherapy model and it is accepting, “all parts welcome”. It’s gentle and led by the client and I am really enjoying my practice with it both personally and professionally.

IFS is a bit different as it aims to enable and encourage clients to build their relationship between Self and their parts.

Complex Trauma & Difficult Early Attachment Trauma comes under many guises and often goes alongside growing up with a difficult or disrupted early attachment to the parent/caregiver, meaning there were significant times in childhood when you were not seen, heard or acknowledged and you had difficult later life experiences too.

I like the term unmothered children to describe this early disruption. Together they result in complex trauma that comes from a variety of sources. These days we can also understand Trauma as individual, generational or collective.

The list below suggests some of the key issues that may be affecting you.





Suicidal Thoughts



Emotional abuse

Sexual abuse

Post-traumatic stress disorder (ptsd)

cPTSD – complex post traumatic stress

Relationship issues

Self Harm


Mood swings

Unfinished Business

I believe coming to therapy is about exploring our unfinished business. All our unresolved life experiences and our early attachment patterns are deeply etched in the neuroplasticity of our brains, it’s hard wired if you like.

These patterns repeat physiologically and make us who we are in present moment time and result in current symptoms. If our symptoms and these old patterns or ways of relating are triggered, this is usually what drives us to seek help.

Sessions can be weekly or fortnightly, we can also work for a short time or long term, you choose what suits you best.

Creative I enjoy being creative in my work approach and I use a variety of creative means, if appropriate, to enable clients to have better understanding of their current situation eg sand tray, drawing, visualising, naming all of which help externalise the issue and get beneath the surface of the problem and allows meaning that is beyond words.

There is a lot more information on my website. I invite you to explore it

If you feel connected to anything written there, please don’t hesitate to be in touch and we can begin to explore if it feels right to begin to work together.

With best wishes, Maggie

♥ Helping you be all you can be ♥

Training, qualifications & experience-

M.A. Food, Health & Welfare 1994-1997 Dundee University.
Certificate in Counselling Skills 2000-2001 Garnethill Centre Glasgow.
Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling 2001-2003 Garnethill Centre Glasgow, validated by COSCA (Counselling & Psychotherapy in Scotland).
Certificate in Relationship Counselling, 2008-2009 Scottish Marriage Care,Glasgow.
Level I Graduate in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. Glasgow 2011
Brainspotting Levels 1 & 2 with David Grand
Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM)
Advanced CRM Core Self training Case Conceptualising & Treatment of DID with Lisa Schwarz
IFS Internal Family Systems Level 1 and 2 -2018-2020
COSCA Certificate in Supervision

Previous to my Counselling work, I worked as a general nurse, then after gaining my Degree an MA, I worked as a project worker for a number of years, working with people, who were socially disadvantaged, e.g. homeless people, single parents, drugs worker.

After completing counselling training in 2003, I worked as a voluntary counsellor before gaining employment in 2006 and since then I have worked in several voluntary sector projects over the years, with Children and young people and Adults.

I have also worked for a few different EAP companies and in Private Practice for the last 10 years.

Today I have a small private practice working with Adults and at home by zoom.

I hope to start face to face work again in Spring 2022.

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Ash Tree Counselling
Address: East Building
Holland Court
The Close

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Online sessions available
I am a psychotherapeutic counsellor working from a room in central Norwich. I am soon to qualify as a Trauma Therapist with Naos Institute in London. I have worked in mental health settings for more than 25 years, both here in the UK and in New Zealand. I look forward to hearing from you, Jacquie 💜
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Tracey Worrall
Address: 2nd Floor, Flag House, Barbauld Street, Warrington
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I am passionate about Person Centered Counselling as it is all about the Client’s journey. I believe that it is an honour and a privilege to be allowed into people’s lives in this personal way. I value honesty, integrity, autonomy and confidentiality. I believe that everyone has the right to choose their own path.
I feel that my personal experiences allow me to gain insight and understanding of my clients feelings. However, I recognise that every client brings their own unique experiences and the sessions that I offer are all about you and how you want to use our time. Having my own counselling therapy has helped me through many difficult times and it is so powerful to be listened to and genuinely heard without judgement. This is what I am always striving to offer my clients.
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07429 939721
Tracy Dunning
Address: 8 Castlefields
Toft Hill
DL14 0HU
Bishop Auckland
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When we go through life, our opinions alter and so do our thoughts on past and present experiences. Things we have been through previously can suddenly hit us like a ton of bricks and we don’t know where the thoughts came from. We can be watching tv, reading a book and all of a sudden, Anxiety we never had before rears its ugly head affecting us in ways we never thought of, disturbing our daily lives whether gradually or suddenly. We could be sitting in a cafe with friends, completing tasks at school/work and all of a sudden a huge wave of grief takes over us. I am here to help you explore these feelings learning ways to cope.
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